Wednesday, July 21, 2010


If anyone other than Erin is reading this, sorry! This is a boring post just for her so she can give me feedback. 

K, so Erin - I spent like two hours at Hobby Lobby yesterday, trying to find anything that would work for the card you want for your mom. I found two things, both stickers. I was playing around with them today to see if anything would work - let me know what you think. You can click on the picture itself to get a better view. I know it doesn't fit very well on my blog page.

I cut out the stickers so they're off the sheet, but still not used/stuck to the paper. The sentiment can be changed to whatever, I just thought this might fit. I can print it with whatever font you want so it's not handwritten, again, this is just to get your opinion.

These aren't actually cards, just scrap paper that I threw everything on. 

Front of card one. Chair with book, sunglasses (can omit), bikini top and bottom.

Inside of card one. Obviously I drew this. I used watercolor pencils - obviously not trying too hard but at least so you can get the idea. I'm not talented enough to try to draw your mom entirely naked ;)

Front of card two. The water splash stickers would be placed similar to the inside of card one. No hands, though, nothing drawn.

Inside of card two. Cute bikini. The "water" would meet up with the "sand", I'm trying to show that your mom is in the water making a splash, and her bikini is lying on the sand. Insinuating she's naked. I'm not sure I got the point across, but I like these stickers better than the first.

Playing around with placement

I tried a few techniques/colors with the sand. The original piece is on the top and the bottom three are altered.


I wanted to give your idea a stab, you seemed really excited about trying to make me do this card this way. 

Since I know my execution isn't the best, let me know if you have any other ideas or if you want to use the previous card I started. Or I can just make a few more random bday cards and you can choose whatever.


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