Sunday, March 16, 2014


Redhead Can Decorate, a mildly successful blog, and also has a Facebook page

Julie, the blogger, posted a picture of a "spy mirror" that she has in her house. It's a mirror on the landing of her stairs, which allows her to look down the top of the stairs and see exactly what's happening in the great area at the bottom. Feel free to click on the link to see what I mean. 

I don't agree with the total idea of a mirror. I'm not fully able to verbalize what it is that bothers me. I just think that kids aren't meant to be monitored all the live long day. NO ONE should be spied on! What a violation of privacy! 

I totally understand checking up on kids and making sure that they aren't up to no good, but they should probably be aware that you're checking up on them, no? How CREEPED OUT would I have been growing up if I saw my mother staring at me through a mirror? Around the corner? A camera? Seriously. Creeped. Out. 

I guess I am able to verbalize what bothers me about it, and now it makes me more upset!

BUT. When I first saw the picture, remember, I didn't know what it was exactly that I didn't like. All I was able to say was "Huh. That's... weird.".  I didn't think my comment was offensive, out of line, or even mildly rude. Is that rude? You tell me.

Apparently Julie the Redhead thought it was completely unacceptable, because not only did she promptly delete my comment, but she also banned me from making any comments on her entire Facebook page.


True story.

I wanted to contact her to see if she really was mad at me, but I cannot send her a private message through her Facebook page. 

I was able to find her email from her blog, and I sent her a short, sweet and innocent email:

"I'm confused. I'm pretty sure I commented on your spy mirror post on your Facebook page. I went back to it to see if anyone else had commented on it, but my comment isn't there. Now it seems I can't comment at all anymore.  
In case you deleted it, I didn't think my comment was controversial. I thought my comment was perfectly objectionable but not rude.  
Did you block me? Did I not post it? Why can't I comment on anything else of yours?"

To date, she has posted several times on her Facebook, yet I have not received a response. I'm upset by this - moreso than a normal person should be, I think. I'd love to throw out a slew of curse words, a few degrading sentiments, and a plethora of angry words directed at this woman, but instead I'm just going to say one word:


You don't like something I say? It seems the only logical response is to shun me from the entire group of fans that she has. Delete my comment, prevent me from ever commenting on any post again, don't return my email, and certainly don't explain anything. Censor my words and ban me entirely from your entire Facebook page.

Talk about a slap in the face. 

I'm sure she'd ban me from her website if she could figure out how. She'd block my emails, too. They might already be automatically directed to her trash or spam folder.

I wonder if she deletes EVERYONE'S comments that don't 100% agree or omfglovebowbow at her. Not only do I not agree with her mirror, I don't agree with they way she conducts her business or how she treats people. I can't believe people actually behave this way.

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