Saturday, October 6, 2012


Anyone that knows me well, knows that I love lists and I love my spreadsheets.  It helps me stay semi-organized and it helps tremendously with my need for visual learning needs, whatever that's called.

I have spreadsheets for my Halloween planning:

One for costs, to try to stay on budget (HA! what a joke)

One for items that I need to buy, similar to the costs one, but I got lazy with trying to estimate the costs

One for my apothecary

And a To-Do list for all of my projects.

I'm coming along with all of my projects.  Most are at least started, I just have to finish them with little details.  The only thing that I'm not even close to finishing is the apothecary.  I have all of the labels ready to be printed, I just need to go to Office Max to get them printed.  Then I can attach them to the bottles, then fill the bottles, but first I have a few more bottles to age.... ugh!

So much to do.  Too much anxiety to do it.  I am doing them little-by-little.  At least, whatever I get done will be progress either way and no one will probably know what I didn't do or how "incomplete" a project is.  I just have to remember this.  No one will know.  No one will know.  No one will know.

Send some awesome motivational hippie vibes or whatever my way.  I need them more than I feel comfortable saying on here!

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