Sunday, May 6, 2012


My table is finished! It was a super long process and I'm not done cleaning up or organizing but I love it!

First I screwed an 8 foot long 2x2 piece of wood into the wall.

Then I sanded and primed the plywood that was to be my top.

Adam helped me screw the plywood into the plank already screwed on the wall, then I went to mod podging. 

I just realized I didn't take an up close picture of the mod podged top but I love it! It definitely was the longest part of the whole project. I had to prime the wood with regular primer, then acrylic primer, then I had to prime the paper with acrylic primer, then I had to mod podge the pieces onto the wood, then I had to mod podge everything on top five times, then I had to seal the top with specialty sealer three times.

THEN I had to iron on the wood veneer edging. So there you see in the picture above the iron on my new desk and the box that the iron came in. You can tell how often I iron ;)

On the other side of the room I am setting up a station for cutting, embossing and all that jazz. I was lucky enough to sell my treadmill that I haven't used in almost two years to free up some space.



The money from the treadmill will also help pay for the trip we're taking at the end of this month. My mother's side of the family is having a big family reunion in Fort Robinson, Nebraska and we're driving. It's a 16 hour drive that I'm really not looking forward to, but I am looking forward to seeing my family and cousins again. And reliving the memories of Fort Robinson from my childhood. 

We had a contest for a T-shirt design and I'm pretty sure my design won (although the results haven't been posted yet). Mostly because I'm awesome. And also because the other options weren't nearly as cool as mine.

The front of the shirt is a simple buffalo. Western Nebraska loves its buffaloes. Fort Robinson has a lot of buffalo food - burgers, jerky, sandwiches...

The back has the names of everybody in the family, alive and dead, except Grandma and Grandpa.

I am looking forward to having life slow down just a little bit. It's been busy recently. Not with anything in particular, just a lot of entertaining, people visiting, places to go, errands to run, etc etc. 

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  1. Very cool t-shirt! And an amazing craft room make-over! Next time you post, post a close up of that modge-podged table top, it sounds like it was a marathon effort! :-)


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