Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The weekend of grandpa's passing was also Adam's golden birthday. We planned on having a golden birthday party for him and after all my work to prepare for it, there was no way we weren't having it!

I scoured the internet and created a pinboard for inspiration. In the end I decided to keep it fairly simple and definitely not go all-out like I did for Halloween.

This was the extent of the decorations. Simple and borderline pathetic, but no one cares.

The food was gold-themed, of course. Golden cupcakes, white chocolate covered pretzels with gold icing, white chocolate covered oreos with gold sprinkles, and candies in gold wrappers. The blue punch was because I put Jerrod in charge of the it and I told him to whatever he felt like. It was all delicious!

Adam had requested filled cupcakes like Jerrod requested for his birthday. I found a fabulous recipe (on Pinterest, of course) for chocolate chip cookie dough filled cupcakes with buttercream frosting. The cupcakes were great, although the frosting was a little.... hmmm... chunky? The buttercream frosting recipie called for brown sugar and I was all out. Improvising, we used dark brown sugar. The consistency wasn't perfectly smooth but it was still DELICIOUS!

I found edible gold star sprinkles on ebay and they added a neat touch!

Adam said he had a good time and a very happy birthday. His big gift from me I will share later!

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