Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Here it's almost a month after Christmas and I'm just now blogging about it. It was grand. Money is tighter than usual but we were still able to spoil ourselves considering.

Adam really spoiled me, although it didn't seem like it before we opened our presents! Look at his pile of gifts:

And then my pile:

Two! But mine rocked. I got a Kindle Fire with a gorgeous case! I love that thing. It's awesome to take with me to my crafting room so I can look up projects I found that inspired me instead of trying to print the picture in black-and-white and in the worst possible quality imaginable.

Coco even got a present! She loves it, just not when we put it on her.

I got Adam a lot of toys that he loves but they're all video game related so I won't bother you with details except for one. I got him Mario decals for the computer room! I told him that since I made an entire room dedicated to my obsession, he can have the computer room to geek-out as much as he wants. He joked around when we first moved in together that he wanted to have all of his Star Wars figures displayed on shelves in our home. I told him I wouldn't have that... until I took over the spare bedroom for my expensive hobby. I think in exchange, letting him do whatever horribly nerdy thing he wants to the computer room is ok.

 Here are the awesome decals, from left to right.

That's Jerrod, Adam's brother

Lastly are a few pictures of some wrapping details. I love wrapping presents!

Tomorrow I will post about our trip to Utah!

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