Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I just cancelled all of my appointments with every one of my doctors. The medical debt is up to $21,000. That's more than I make in an entire year. I don't understand how the world can work this way. I feel so defeated, so angry, so depressed, so panicked.

I can't even see my counselor. I left a message on her voice mail; I wanted to tell her myself that I couldn't see her anymore. As soon as I heard her voice on the recorded message, I crumbled in tears. She may not even understand my message through my cries. How embarrassing.

I wish Wisconsin wasn't a marital state so I could let all of my debts go to collections, trash my credit, and never pay them. I don't care that it's dishonest. I feel cheated and they don't deserve anything from me. $500 for 5 minutes of a doctor's time is so outrageously wrong and I get rabid with anger when I think about it.

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